Awareness fosters your consciousness
As everyone has desires, they anticipate results.
If you think of desires, that means your mind is activated as well.

What the mind thinks, there is always a cause and effect of this notion which perpetuates an unbroken cycle that continues indefinitely.

But if you empty your mind, you become closer to God.
Through your master, you can connect with God.

As your mind is easily activated, I always tell you to behave with empty mind and selflessly.

As the workings of your mind is quite strong, if you cannot do this, you will end up using a considerate amount of your energy to worrying, making judgements and assessing things all the time.

As a result, you need more energy from the source of all creation to be reinvigorated.

Instead of expecting an outcome or worrying about it, just say, “it will be fine” and let it take its course.

Even if you do not get the results that you hoped for, there is always some sort of reason such as you lack of gratitude, too much anxiety or you were too fixated by it.

Whatever the outcome, it is always be best to become aware of this.
This is quite a high level practice but to be aware means to foster your consciousness.

There is a difference between the mind and consciousness.
The more you cleanse your mind, the more your consciousness develops.


Guide people to the truth
I teach various things, such as how to use the body, how to use the mind.
You can become a truly glowing person through this teaching.

I would like you to experience further deeper meditation.
But, everyone still carries plenty of dirt, with them, so, you need to keep cleansing.

Then growing day by day, fostering your trust and love, you will feel easier.
And to make people around you happy, you have to keep training and become powerful.
The way of truth is via endless training.
It is a wonderful practice.

In order for everyone to become happy, means guiding people to receive a diksha, to cleanse themselves, making them a pure person and a person with wisdom.

Developing consciousness and walking the way of truth means that you are given great things and you can return to the essence.

Guiding people to the truth, means you are sharing the most valuable thing possible with other people.

Having connected to the master, trust yourself, trust the Master and send love to other people.

If you keep practicing, in this kind of way, you will come closer to enlightenment and shine further.


How can we make extra time and money
Being with the Oneness of God is the purpose of our lives. You will receive true wisdom and love by creating a connection with your soul. By doing so, you can live your life more smoothly.

Difficulties are caused by a lack of asking for help from the Oneness of God.

Your ego grows as you live your life to the fullest, while you hurt others and yourself.

This way of life keeps losing your energy.

When you connect to the Oneness of God, your energy will be charged and you will feel both relaxed and energized by the healing power.

As you meditate, you will be charged and you will understand how to live with true wisdom.

You will also know how to spend your time efficiently, and so you will have extra time.

You tend to buy things to fulfill loneliness. When you are satisfied inside, you won’t need many things and so you will have extra money.

Moreover, by making a donation for world peace, you will be a better person by releasing your obsessions and attachments.

I wish for everyone to help each other, spread these activities in order to uplift everyone’s conscience.

No need to be worried about separating from family members
Children leave when they grow up.

As you cultivate your truth, you will perceive things differently.

There is no separation from Master/God so connect, with them, and give love to others.

There are always separations from physical connections. We all die and leave our physical bodies behind.

Accept this fact.

Children grow up and separate from their family. Suffering occurs when you depend on your children or the purpose of your life is only taking care of them.

God takes care of everyone.
Spend time to cultivate and develop yourself. Be kind to others and treat them like your children. Start a new way of life.

And learn when separated from family, there was no need to be worried at all.

Repeating mantra is devotion
Repeating your mantra is devotion.
So we should recite the mantra with love.

Love your master.
Love your mantra.
Love your God.

The way of Truth is based on devotion.
By cultivating the Truth with devotion, everyone will transform and be reborn into a brand-new person.

Devotion is having a faith in an invisible higher essence which gives you power.

People suffer because they are separated from this higher essence through using their mind.


The way to be an angel and a Buddhist saint
Indian people greet their master by touching their feet to receive divine power.

Indian people want to meet saints so they go to darshans to receive blessings.

When the master talks, your mind focuses on their talk. Instead use and feel your energy to receive divine power proactively.

Essentially cultivating your true self is difficult but Yogmata found the truth through spiritual training so she can instruct in a safe and easy way.

This is the only place that you can practice the secret methods of Himalayas which enable you to change(transform) completely from your roots while remaining within normal society.

By practicing, you will look younger and more beautiful.
You will be reborn safely.

When your ego disappears, you will look very beautiful.
You will transform from a human being to an angel and a Buddhist saint.

When you have a good heart, a bad heart disappears gradually.
So everyone should forgive each other.

I always send love for everyone’s happiness.
It is time to become a remarkable person.


Training in a city
Although you have been training seriously, if you do this with desire, the training will turn out to be toxic.

On the other hand, if you train with love, negative things will transform to love.
Even toxin can be changed to medicine.

So, practice selflessly, with a mind of dedication.
It means to have a sharing mind and to help others around you with selfless love.

If this were a deep place in the Himalayas, you can train by yourself in a cave.
But in ordinary society, it is important to have a training to strengthen yourself by interacting with others and sharing love.

So, foster better relationships.
Not judging but accepting and trusting them.

That is the training in a city.

Through accepting things as they are, you will find and learn many things.
Then you will find your true self in a deep place of love.

Firstly, love your master, trust your master and receive their power.

Trust is most important.

If you love people around you, without receiving power from the source, it means you will love with your ego.
You just fancy yourself as you love them.

Without fulfilling yourself, you expect reward.

Also, it is important to pray happiness for others, even if you receive negative feedback from them.

You have received a mantra from the Master.
By trusting the Master and chanting the mantra, you can retrieve their power.
And then give love from a peaceful state of mind.

By giving love, you will become love and peace itself