• The First Woman to Reach Samadhi

    In the hinterlands of the Himalayas at altitudes over 5000M, she underwent ascetic training

  • Yogmata Blesses the Crowds after Returning from Ultimate Samadhi

    Her 10th public Samadhi was performed in Shivpuri from February 25th to 28th in 1997

  • The Path to Samadhi is a Path to Immortality

    Once you are connected with the source through a Siddha Master’s Diksha, your consciousness will be raised and you will evolve

Who is Yogmata?

A remarkably inspirational person in her own rights, Yogamata Keiko Aikawa is the first female and non-Indian Siddha Master, and only one of two Siddha Masters to appear in public to this day. A Siddha Master is a Himalayan saint who has achieved supreme Samadhi, a state of human consciousness that transcends physical and mental to achieve oneness with the source of all creations. This ascetic practice is the most difficult of all, due to possibility of fatality.



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