2023 New Year Message from Yogmata

2023 New Year Message from Yogmata

Happy New Year!

Last year, many people suffered due to the COVID-19 disaster and because of war.
Here is a message from the spirit of the Himalayas.

“This year, in 2023, calamities will be even greater.
So everyone needs to awaken”

As we enter this new year, the planet will become even more unbalanced and there will be further disasters.
A new species of COVID-19 will appear, wars will continue.
The destruction of nature, and economic insecurity will also increase.
The only way to prevent this trend is by diksha, meditation practices of the Himalayan saints and helping each other with compassion

To save the world, you have to deepen your faith in the Siddha Masters and keep practicing.
Just as you have transformed, save others by leading them to Diksha.
This is an imperative.

Purify yourself, your family, and your ancestors.
World will be protected and saved.

All should come together under the Master.
Cultivate the power of faith, practice, and transform yourselves.
Meditate, pray, and spread the word of the Master.

Together, we will destroy the human ego, alleviate the destruction of nature, and help people to live in love, peace, and salvation.
May the people be saved and filled with love and peace.
Let’s spread hope to all.
January 1st, 2023