Darshan & Diksha in NY on October 15 & 16, 2022

Darshan & Diksha in NY on October 15 & 16, 2022

Blessings of the Himalayan Siddha Masters,
Yogmata Keiko Aikawa and Pilot Baba

The World Renowned Meditation Masters, Siddha Master Yogmata Keiko Aikawa holds Darshan and workshops in New York City on Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16, 2022.

Attendees will have a rare opportunity to receive the special blessing and listen to the Himalayan teaching from perfected Himalayan siddha master,

For those who are interested, there will also be a Life-Changing initiation by Yogmata Sunday afternoon.

Anugraha Darshan

‘Darshan’ is Sanskrit meaning ‘auspicious viewing.’ It is an opportunity to meet and share the same space with a Master. Through the Master’s gaze – through their presence beside you, the physical touch of their hands, as well as direct and indirect shaktipat – a blessing occurs that facilitates your safe and swift transformation in this lifetime. The value of this blessing is completely different to that received from ordinary ascetics, even though they can also bless you with grace at a Darshan.

After a Darshan, with a Himalayan Siddha Master, people often experience inner warmth and radiant happiness. Anger dissipates. Sometimes people are moved to tears even though they are not sad. At other times, they may experience a tingling sensation in their body.

If you are not yet prepared for spiritual transformation, initially, you may not feel anything during the Darshan. However, an imperceptible shift is still occurring at a deeper level. The more you attend Darshan, the more blessings you receive and the more steadily you experience happiness.

Anugraha Kriya – Practicing of breathing method with blessings

Kriya means action and Anugraha Kriya was born of the wisdom of Himalayan yogic samadhi.
The blessing of the masters in addition to secret breath techniques generate the energy of fire which burns and purifies our karma powerfully.

This Kriya from a samadhi yogi is different from the Kriya Yoga generally practiced in public. A yogi who has achieved samadhi is a person who thoroughly knows everything, has returned to the source of existence, and developed his/her divine energy.

Through their power and wisdom, they have the power to change people. The Kriya that is born of that power holds wisdom and the divine grace of Anugraha (special blessing), making it both safe and powerful.

There are already many books and such flooded with writings on Pranayama and other techniques. However, the techniques of Himalayan secret teachings are part of a secret yoga, cannot be experienced through mere words and letters. They are accompanied by a profound wisdom and divine grace, and are different from simple techniques.

They are in the realm of the divine, and to perform these techniques alone without a samadhi master makes it impossible for yourself or anyone else to restore the balance of one’s energies. If performed poorly, even living a normal life may become impossible.

Anugraha Diksha

A Diksha is a spiritual initiation to receive supreme conscious energy through a Siddha Master.

During this ceremony, Yogmata cleanses your negative karma, which will lead your life in a better direction. Also, she transmits energy from the source of the universe, and bestows a mantra as part of the Himalayan Secret teachings.

The mantra Yogmata bestows is so powerful that you will be able to purify yourself steadily at home every day.

If you continue, you will release your negative thoughts and habits, reduce stress, and attain inner peace and wellness. It awakens your divine nature and facilitates your journey on the road to becoming a free, conscious person. Relaxing the mind, it also rapidly purifies the senses and fosters within you an absolute stillness that is as deep and expansive as the ocean.

Generally, one does not have the opportunity to meet, or even see, the Siddha Masters, in the Himalayas. So, receiving a Diksha in ordinary society is an opportunity that should not be missed.

It is God’s gift to you.

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Saturday October 15
Darshan in English 10:30am – 12noon Fee: donation
Anugraha Kriya
(Enlightenment Workshop)
2pm – 4:30pm Fee: $150
Sunday October 16
Darshan in English 10:30am – 12noon Fee: donation
Anugraha Diksha
(Life Changing Initiation)
2pm – 5pm Fee: please inquire

If you wish to receive advanced Diksha, please send a mail to chida@science.ne.jp.

* Cameras and recording in any form are strictly prohibited.

* Accommodations are not provided, so attendees should arrange this themselves.

* Fees collected will be donated to charity except for covering our expenses to stage this event:[venue rental, publicity, travel, guest speaker accomodation]

In order to continue our work of helping bring peace to people around the world, we depend on popular support. But this is only forthcoming if we are able to keep the public informed of our activities. In order to do so, we must advertise, publish informational materials
and conduct a variety of other activities, all of which require considerable outlays. Nevertheless,we always bear in mind the need to ensure that our fees are not excessive. We thank you in advance for your continued support.

* Participation in the programs requires no advance preparation. Those taking part should wear loose, comfortable clothing in which it is easy to move.

* Women are requested not to wear a skirt.